Cayce / W. Columbia Primary Care Center

Eau Claire Cooperative Health

February 2017

Mika Contracting provided all labor and equipment to complete the concrete building foundations and slab for the building.

Repair Multiple Facilities

North Carolina Air National Guard, 145th Airlift Wing

January 2019

Mika Contracting provided all labor, transportation, materials, tools, equipment, appliances and supervision necessary to repair multiple facilities. This project included multiple areas of construction expertise:
Repair finance - demolish systems furniture, demo and replace carpet, remove wall paper, prep/paint walls.
Repaint Bldg. 41 - Prep/paint approx. 2,000 SF exterior building. Hand cleaning was required.
Repair Communication office - Remove approx. 38LF of CMU at 8ft height to include 2 interior doors and a customer service counter. Remove/replace VCT and cove base. Remove ACT and install new ceiling grid with ACT, lighting, speaks, and HVAC supply and return diffusers. Demo power switch and re-locate fire strobe. Remove exhaust fans/light.

Installing demountable partitions.
Adjusting Airfield Apron Lighting - 

Repair Break Room - Demolish counter top, cabinetry, sink, light switch/light, water fountains. Construct solid surface counter top, sink, and cabinetry. Cap plumbing/electrical inside the wall.

Much of the work completed on this project was done while buildings and rooms were occupied by NCANG Staff.  Sensitivity to the needs of each represented office was paramount.  

WRP Restoration, Greg Stone WRP Site

Federal Construction Contract, USDA NRCS

January 2017

This project consisted of constructing two road crossings and one ditch plug; other work included clearing and grubbing then grading and shaping an access road with waterbars. The roadbed for the road crossings were excavated to natural ground elevation. The bottom and sideslopes of the crossings were covered with geotextile, and 6 inches of rockfill. All areas disturbed during construction were seeded.

Track 5 Rail Repair

Prayon, Inc. Augusta, GA

March 2018

Mika Contracting was contracted to replace, or rehabilitate privately-owned railroad assets and improve rail performance. Mika replaced existing assets with those that increase capacity or provide a higher level of service.  Safety was also a number one priority.

Presidential Suite Renovations

Midlands Technical College

November 2016

Mika Contracting renovated the Presidential Suite at Midlands Technical College by relocating an existing door and installing a new door in the same office. The customer also requested the design and installation of a new picture rail system. The work included demolition & installation of sheet rock, doors & frames, minor electrical work, painting, and wood trim.  The work was completed quietly and around the schedule designated by the College.

Macro Artifact Shelters

US Army Basic Combat Training Museum

May 2017

Mika Contracting used an all-steel, modular, bolt-together, pre-fabricated construction, tin roofed shelter reminiscent to the aesthetic style of circa-1940’s Fort Jackson barracks buildings. Each shelter was erected to protect the macro-artifacts and picnic tables from environmental conditions of heat, cold, sun, rain, lightning, etc.,
Mika constructed three separate, freestanding shelters, on the southeast side of the Basic Combat Training Museum.  During this project it was imperative to the government that Mika work while allowing museum guests availability and safe passage during construction. Safety was also a number one priority and both goals were accomplished.